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windshield repair services markham north yorkGeneral Auto Glass provides windshield repair and replacement for customers throughout the Markham, Stouffville, and North York Area. We repair all types of auto glass - broken, chipped, cracked – and can even provide you with mobile repair service when required.

Our highly skilled technicians will recommend whether windshield repair can be accomplished or if complete glass replacement is needed. We always try to make repairs if possible. Today, there’s no good reason to neglect vehicle glass damage.

Windshield repair may be required for many reasons

Vehicle glass damage can occur for numerous reasons. And when it’s serious, the driver’s view could be obstructed, therefore creating a safety risk while driving. By any definition, vehicle glass damage should be fixed immediately. There’s really no reason to wait for the damage to spread or to develop.

Car accident damage

A car accident can potentially shatter a front windshield. Even in a minor accident, windshield cracks can form and can spread out quite quickly. Worst case, with body frame damage, glass can be damaged.

Bad window install

If you’ve had a windshield or rear window poorly installed, the glass can actually vibrate and move. If there’s a crack it will spread very quickly. An auto glass expert should always perform an installation.

Stone/rock damage

Rocks, stones, and debris can damage a front windshield instantly. While this kind of damage usually develops slowly, the resulting “spider-web” can spread fast. Immediate car windshield repair is needed.

Complete glass replacement could be required

When car windshield repair won’t do the job, complete glass replacement may be required. At General Auto Glass, we make sure that every piece of window glass is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In keeping with these high standards, we can guarantee our products and installations.

Auto glass repairs that are 100% guaranteed

Regardless of the scope of glass damage, we make every effort to satisfy our customers. We install OEM glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or other OEM approved glass and offer competitive pricing. Products and installations are covered by a lifetime warranty (including window leaks, workmanship, and any manufacturer defects).

Safe operation of a motor vehicle requires a number of disparate systems to run in unison to give the drivers, passengers and other cars on the road a level of safety. One important piece of your car is your windshield and you need it to be clear and free of blemishes – you need full visibility when navigating the roads of our communities, but are you aware of windshield safety? There are many times when you will need to repair your windshield or replace it – a repair can be the saving grace for a windshield and when maintenance is ignored it can lead to bigger problems. To help a driver understand the role that the windshield plays for an automobile, a tutorial of sorts is the best way to convey the important details every driver should know about their car’s windshield.

Can you drive right after car windshield replacement?

You have scheduled your appointment for a car windshield replacement and you need to know when you can drive after the successful completion of the windshield swap. Your service technician will be the first to tell you that you need to wait for an hour before you engage the operation of your vehicle. Based on installation techniques, the windshield needs to ‘set’ and allow the adhesives to bond the windshield to the frame of the car.

Can I get my car windshield replacement replaced for free?

Depending on the amount of insurance coverage you have for your car, you could certainly qualify for a replacement windshield, but there is always a ‘but’. It starts with your insurance deductible, whether you have specific windshield insurance coverage or a comprehensive package. Another point that will determine whether you can get your windscreen replacement for free is the size of the damage – a small chip may not be covered but something large like a crack may be. You need to clarify the details with your insurance company before you take action.

Are broken windshields or car windshield repairs covered by insurance?

First and foremost, when you have a cracked windshield or are in need of a cracked windshield repair services, you get your car serviced and sort out the details after the fact. That means dealing with your insurance company and learning what you are covered for and what you are not covered for. Minor issues are left to the car owner to deal with – the minor repair will no doubt not meet the threshold of the deductible of the car’s insurance policy. Something bigger, like a crack that was caused by flying debris during morning commutes to work, could certainly surpass the deductible threshold.

How much will it cost to replace my windshield or fix a chip or crack?

There are many factors that will determine the costs of car windshield replacement or repair. Time to do the job, the materials involved, is it a repair caused by an accident. Too, the type of windshield you install can have an effect on the price – but don’t let these concerns interfere with your repair or replacement windshield, call us today at General Auto Glass for a quote for the work your car needs to stay safe on the road.

What kind of windshield cracks can be repaired?

Depending on the size of the crack or chip in your windshield, you may be able to access a repair or you may need a complete windscreen replacement. Size, type, depth, and where the damage has occurred all play a role when determining what can be done for your car. Chipped windshield that are an inch in diameter can be repaired, and cracks that are smaller than a five-dollar bill or for spider crack windshield repair can be done – but once the damage is bigger than that, it becomes incumbent on the technician to recommend a replacement. Some damage will require a complete replacement – inside windshield damage, damage on both layers of glass, damage to the rain sensor or antennae, damage to the driver’s viewing area, long or contaminated cracks, and edge cracks and chips.

Is it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Ontario?

Driving with a cracked windshield is something we have all done at one time or another – doesn’t make safe or legal – but it comes with the territory. A cracked windshield will compromise the structural integrity of your car and driving with a cracked windshield is risky business – if you have a damaged windshield and end up in a front end accident the force of the accident may not be passed to the chassis – leaving the passengers t bear the brunt of the impact. In Ontario, there is a suite of fines for windshield damage: window obstruction $85.00, windshield obstruction $85.00., object obstructing view $85.00, window coated view obstructed $85.00, windshield coated view obstructed $85.00. Other fines associated with window/windshield damage: no clear view to vehicle front $85.00, no clear view to vehicle sides $85.00, no clear view to vehicle rear $85.00.

When your vision is obstructed of that small spider web crack is starting to grow on your windshield that is the time for service for your car to improve your vision and structural integrity of your car. That’s where we come in at General Auto Glass. We have many years of service in our business keeping cars and their occupant’s safe with our quality workmanship and excellent materials for windshield chip repair. All our windshields come with a warranty from the manufacturer and our labour is fully guaranteed. For more information when your car needs work call our windshield repair shop today at General Auto Glass for a free quote at 905.604.0433 and schedule an appointment.

Convenient, no obligation, online and over the phone estimates

For your added convenience, we offer online repair estimates based on the specific vehicle; the damage location; the scope of damage; and the insurance coverage. At General Auto Glass we will waive up to 100% of the insurance deductible on your policy. Whenever possible, we choose windshield repair services over replacement in our Markham, Stouffville & North York locations. This allows you to save some money on the repairs.

Repair work to all vehicle makes and models

General Auto Glass services all makes and models. That includes all foreign and domestic vehicles, like Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Our skilled technicians can also handle some of the more challenging installs. Best of all, we will repair and restore your vehicle to its original mint condition.


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