Windshield Replacement in Markham

If you’re searching for windshield replacement in Markham, consider the windshield experts at General Auto Glass. We are the professionals - experienced technicians who can repair or replace any window glass in your vehicle. Unfortunately, we often take our windshields for granted, without understanding that they are designed to protect us and provide safety in case of a road mishap.

Important Signs that You Need Windshield Replacement in Markham

Whatever vehicle you’re driving, your windshield glass should be fully secure and defect-free. In fact, even the smallest defect can potentially compromise the integrity of your windshield. Of course, the front windshield is of utmost importance, but all window glass should be kept free of any defects.

If Your View is Impeded

Even small chips, cracks or scratches can impede your driving view. The safest option is a completely clear window, particularly the front windshield – with no flaws, no blemishes, and no imperfections.

Next Vehicle Inspection

If you’re due for a safety inspection for any reason, you will likely fail the test if you have any chips, cracks or damage to your windshield. Obvious damage will bring immediate attention to the test.

Winter Glass Damage

During the winter, your windshield can be easily damaged by heavy snow, ice, and hail (not to mention flying gravel). As well, extreme temperatures in winter can cause smaller chips and cracks to enlarge.

White Haze on Edges

When you notice a white haze around the edges of your windshield, this is a sign that the window’s lamination is compromised. It may appear harmless, but it’s good to have an auto glass expert inspect.

For Windshield Replacement in Markham, Trust General Auto Glass

At General Auto Glass, we usually encourage clients to make glass repairs if possible. However, in the event that windshield replacement becomes necessary, our team of skilled technicians can provide a top quality installation. Regardless of the scope of work, our installations are fully guaranteed.

We prefer to use OEM vehicle glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from proven suppliers like PPG and Pilkington. Nonetheless, we do install “aftermarket” glass when it’s requested. Every installation conforms to the recognized Vehicle Safety Standards, although OEM glass does have benefits.

Our team of auto glass experts has experience with all vehicle types, including domestic and foreign models. We appropriately prepare the vehicle body, the new glass, and any trim. Our installers always use industry approved primers and adhesives so that we can ensure a professional installation.

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