Windshield Repair & Replacement for Mazda Vehicles

The windshield is an integral and structural part in any car. Manufacturers have been constantly enhancing windshield designs over the years, improving both safety and comfort aspects. Still, the introduction of new safety technologies in the past several years transformed windshields from mere pieces of safety-glass into an integral part of advanced driver aids, called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS for short. These systems use a camera fitted to the center of the windshield that relays important information about the conditions of the road ahead. The system monitors blind spots, pedestrians and proximity to other objects and determines whether to activate automated safety measures. Not only that this affected how windshields are built, but it also made an impact on the way they are replaced. 


ADAS systems used by Mazda 

As a part of i-ACTIVESENSE active safety technologies, Mazda uses several systems that rely on windshield mounted cameras and sensors.

One of them is Smart City Brake Support or SCBS. This system, which usually has an integrated pedestrian recognition function, helps preventing or softening the impact of low-speed collisions with forward obstacles. It operates between speeds of 4 and 80 km/h. Using a camera mounted at the top of the windshield, it detects other vehicles and the movement of pedestrians. If detecting the high risk of impact, the system will prime the brakes to help you stop more quickly. If you don't brake, it will apply the brakes to prevent the impact. 

Another important feature is the Lane Departure Warning, or LDW. It alerts the driver if he unintentionally strays from its lane. The system operates at speeds above 65 km/h. Once again, a windshield mounted camera monitors lane markings on the road. In the event of straying out of the lane, it notifies the driver with a display and warning sound. However, the system disables the warnings if the driver indicates before changing lanes. 

Lastly, the automatic wiper function uses windshield mounted rain sensor to detect the amount of rainfall and automatically adjust the wiper operation. In addition, some models have a wiper de-icers, which are installed into the base of the windshield. 


What to look for when replacing a windshield 

If your Mazda has some of these driver aids and comfort features, there are several things to consider when deciding on where to do a windshield replacement

One is the windshield itself. Although cheap aftermarket alternatives may look the same as the genuine windshield, the differences might be hiding within the glass structure. The windshield that doesn’t meet manufacturer specifications can cause interference with electrical and optical systems, causing them to not function properly. In addition, a high-quality windshield provides sufficient UV protection and general occupant comfort and safety. 

Also, these driver assistance systems must be calibrated after windshield repair or replacement. Some glass installers are unaware of this, and have been struggling with these complex installations. Camera calibration is a complex process and it differs depending on the vehicle. This is why glass installers must have specialised equipment necessary to do the recalibration properly and have designated technicians who are certified to perform both static and dynamic calibrations.

If your Mazda vehicle requires auto glass repair, or full auto glass replacement, contact us to schedule an appointment or learn about our convenient mobile auto glass repair services.

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