Windshield Repair in Markham

If you’re in need of windshield repair in Markham, you can count on the professionals at General Auto Glass for top quality work and excellent service. Whether your windshield is chipped or cracked, we recommend fixing the damage ASAP. If you avoid the work, it can quickly become more costly. While damaged glass might seem to be an inconvenience, it’s also dangerous for both the driver and any passengers. At General Auto Glass, you can count on a professional repair with a Lifetime Warranty.

For Windshield Repair in Markham, Choose a Professional Approach

For any type of windshield damage, the professionals at General Auto Glass will suggest the best fix. We make every effort to repair your window damage. In the event that repairs aren’t possible, and complete windshield replacement is required, we will manage the complete process from end-to-end.

How much does it cost to fix a crack in a windshield?

Naturally, the cost of fixing a windshield crack will depend on the amount of damage. As an example, the cost of a window crack is going to be much different than complete windshield replacement cost. The best approach is to get a reliable price quote, and at General Auto Glass you can do it online.

General Auto Glass provides auto glass repair in Toronto and throughout the GTA. For accurate pricing information you can access our Quotation Form at our website. Fill in the required information, and one of our glass specialists will be in direct contact with a quote.

How big of a crack in a windshield can be fixed?

Many window chips and cracks can be successfully repaired. However, repairs are always dependent on a number of factors – size, depth, type, and location of window damage. At General Auto Glass, we’ll assess each of the factors and recommend whether a windshield crack can be effectively repaired.

In general, windshield chips of about one-inch in diameter can be repaired – the same goes for cracks that are about three inches in length. Today, with the latest technology, bigger chips and longer cracks can be successfully repaired. An expert technician can determine the potential success of a repair.

Are cracked windshields dangerous?

It’s not particularly dangerous to drive around with a small windshield crack. But as a rule, damaged vehicle glass should be repaired ASAP. Most importantly, cracked windshields decrease a driver’s visibility and that’s simply not safe. To prevent additional damage, it’s best to make immediate repairs.

Even a small crack in the windshield could compromise the structural integrity of the glass – and that would lessen the protection that’s intended. In some cases, when a crack is large, or close to the edge of a windshield, complete replacement may be required. Here, an experienced technician can diagnose.

Can you stop a windshield crack from spreading?

A windshield crack can block your view and compromise your safety. Worse still, it can spread and cause bigger problems. Depending on the crack, there are ways to stop the spreading and prevent things from getting worse. The thing is, why not fix it right, with a professional approach to repairs?

A DIY approach might stop a crack from spreading in the short term. But eventually, repairs will have to be made. In severe weather conditions (or going through a car wash) many of the DIY options will fail. The best option with window damage is professional assessment and professional repairs.

Can you tell if a windshield has been repaired?

When a professional windshield repair is complete, the chip or crack has been filled with material that prevents further damage – it does not completely hide the original damage. The repair will certainly be effective, but anything more than a moderate-sized crack or chip will require window replacement.

Providing auto glass repair in Scarborough, General Auto Glass can recommend the best approach – whether it’s repair or replacement. When repairs are possible, today’s new technologies allow for very effective results. Whatever the final option, it’s always best to opt for the professional approach.

Even with Minor Windshield Damage, Speedy Repairs are Important

While many of us tend to avoid fixing minor windshield damage, it’s not a great idea to let a chip or crack spread. The damage can quickly get worse when exposed to extreme weather and with typical vehicle vibrations. These days, minor windshield damage can be quickly and effectively repaired.

There are Definite Advantages to Repairing Windshields Right Away

Today, many kinds of windshield damage can be repaired quite effectively. Needless to say, by making repairs immediately, you can avoid the cost of full replacement. Even with the smallest cracks or chips, immediate repairs are recommended. For professional windshield repair in Markham, you can count on the team at General Auto Glass to do it all – from top quality glass products to quality installations.

Beyond the required repair work, we will also take care of the insurance paperwork. We will help you to get the claim set up, and we will cover your insurance deductible. In fact, General Auto Glass is fully approved to work with all insurance companies. Our priority is to provide the best, hassle-free service.

For Windshield Repair in Markham - Count on the Experts at General Auto Glass

In addition to windshield repairs, General Auto Glass also provides repairs and replacement for other vehicle glass:  the rear window; door glass; vent glass; quarter glass; even sunroof glass. Our team of technicians is skilled and experienced with all makes (domestic and foreign). Best of all, you’ll be in good hands from the moment you arrive - our service approach will leave you completely satisfied. General Auto Glass services Markham, Stouffville, North York, and more.

For Windshield Repair in Markham, You Can Count on General Auto Glass

Whether it’s your front windshield or your rear window, General Auto Glass can fix the damage and make things right. For your convenience, you can get a quick online price quote, or you can call one of our specialists at 905-604-0433. For emergency situations, we’ll come right to your location and perform all of the required repairs. To find out more about our windshield repair services, please visit https://www.generalautoglass.ca/windshield-repair-replacement.

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