Auto Glass Replacement in Markham

If you’re looking for auto glass replacement in Markham, you can trust the professionals at General Auto Glass. We are the experts in auto glass, with technicians who repair and replace glass in every part of your vehicle. Often taken for granted, auto glass (especially the front windshield) is designed to protect us and provide safety in the event of a road accident.

Some signs that you need auto glass replacement in Markham

Whether you drive a car or truck, your window glass needs to be secure, reliable, and defect-free. Even the slightest defect can compromise the integrity of the window itself. And while the highest priority is the front windshield, all of your window glass should be kept in good shape and free of any defects.

If your driver’s view is blocked

Even those smallish chips, cracks or discolorations can block your view. The safest approach is to have a completely clear window, particularly the windshield – no flaws, no blemishes, no imperfections.

With an upcoming inspection

If you’re up for any type of vehicle safety inspection, you will fail the test with chips, cracks, or other damage to your window glass. Damage to the front windshield will bring special attention to the test.

Winter induced glass damage

In winter, your window glass can be damaged by ice, hail and salt – not to mention stones and gravel. In fact, extreme temperature fluctuations in winter can cause even small chips and cracks to widen.

White haze around your glass

If you notice some white haze around the edge of your front windshield, it’s a sign that the lamination material is compromised. It may seem harmless, but an auto glass professional should check it out.

How much will it cost to replace my windshield?

Basically, windshield replacement cost will depend on the type of vehicle involved. While window damage does not always require complete replacement, it’s still best to get a professional assessment and reliable estimate. At General Auto Glass, this can all be done online at your personal convenience.

General Auto Glass offers auto glass repair in Toronto as well as complete windshield replacement. For an accurate price, visit our Quotation Form. Once the required information is filled out, one of our glass experts will be in contact with a quote.

Should I repair or replace my windshield?

The good news with small chips or cracks is that they can be effectively repaired. If the damage is in the driver’s sightline, it’s wise to replace the windshield completely. If the damage is apparent at the edge of a windshield, this too is a sign that the windshield should be replaced (by a professional).

By any definition, it’s important to repair cracks and chips before they grow – this will avoid the need to replace completely. For auto glass repair in Scarborough and throughout the GTA, General Auto Glass can assess your damage and determine if the windshield can be repaired or must be replaced.

Are cracked windshields dangerous?

A small windshield crack is not particularly dangerous. However, as a rule, damaged windshield glass should be repaired immediately. A cracked windshield will likely decrease the driver’s visibility and compromise driving safety. To prevent more extensive damage, it’s better to make immediate repairs.

A small crack or chip in a windshield can actually compromise the structural integrity of your window glass. In most cases, when a crack is long, or if the damage is close to the windshield edge, then full windshield replacement may be necessary – an experienced window glass technician can diagnose.

Can water get through a cracked windshield?

Whether it’s a fierce rainstorm or a car wash, there’s a chance that water will seep through a cracked windshield – or not. It’s also not uncommon for a crack to get bigger after a car wash. This is because of the high-pressure water, the heat, and even the vibration from the brushes. Water seepage is possible.

As for the interior of the vehicle, it’s unlikely that water will get through a windshield in that volume. The thing is – why worry about water seepage or driving visibility or additional damage when there’s an option to have the windshield inspected and assessed. There may even be an option to repair!

The benefits of replacing your windshield

In some cases, a cracked or chipped windshield can be successfully repaired. When this isn’t possible, professional replacement is the best option – this ensures the integrity of the windshield as intended.

If you’re looking for auto glass repair in Vaughan, count on the professionals at General Auto Glass. If repairs are possible, we provide great results. If complete replacement is required, our window glass experts service all makes and models. We even provide mobile repair service for your convenience.

For auto glass replacement in Markham, count on General Auto Glass

At General Auto Glass, we encourage our clients to make auto glass repairs where possible, so that complete replacement may be avoided. However, in the event that complete auto glass replacement is necessary, our highly skilled technicians can provide a quality installation in a timely manner.

While we prefer to use OEM glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from PPG or Pilkington, we can also install “aftermarket” glass when requested. All of our installations comply with recognized Vehicle Safety Standards, although our OEM glass fits perfectly and minimizes the risk of leaks or noise.

Our auto glass experts are experienced with all of the vehicle manufacturers, including both domestic and foreign makes. We properly prepare the new glass, the vehicle body, and any additional trim. We always use industry approved priming materials and window adhesives to ensure the perfect install.

With General Auto Glass, you’re assured of the most competitive prices. Whatever the scope of work, our installations come with a Lifetime Warranty and we always pay the insurance deductible on your behalf. For high quality auto glass replacement in Markham, you can fully rely on General Auto Glass.

For guaranteed installations, choose General Auto Glass

When you need auto glass replacement, General Auto Glass can provide the quality work you expect. We offer auto glass replacement in Markham and throughout the communities of York Region. For your added convenience, you can access our Online Quotation Form and one of our auto glass experts will be in touch. Whatever the damage, you can be sure that we’ll recommend the very best solution.

To find out more about our services, visit https://www.generalautoglass.ca/auto-glass-repair-replacement or call us directly at 905-604-0433. If you do have an emergency, our Mobile Repair Service is the ideal option. We will come to your location and perform the required repair or replacement – all guaranteed.

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