In the Greater Toronto Area, you have many options for services, but the only company to deal with when you need auto glass repair in North York is General Auto Glass. Let’s face, our windshield is our window to the road, and when it is blocked or the visibility is impaired due to damage, we need to take corrective action for an auto glass repair in North York. A key element of windshield damage is this: in many instances – depending on where the crack – a crack can be fixed, limiting the cost or repair and preventing a replacement. But, you must act quickly when first discover a crack in the windshield, vibrations from the operation of the car is like a drumbeat on your windshield helping the crack grow in size and circumference. Once the damage becomes acute, your inexpensive repair could become the replacement that your pocketbook could certainly do without. That is why an auto glass repair in North York supplied by our company General Auto Glass is the best way to deal with your problems. If you cant see the road, how do expect to navigate it safely, much less provide safety for your passengers and fellow travelers – another excellent reason why clear vision is never more important than it is now when your windshield is damaged. The police will write out tickets for vehicles that have damaged windshields that have reduced visibility, don’t let this happen to you, call us when need help, at General Auto Glass.

Auto glass repair in North York

Anybody can say that they can provide an auto glass repair in North York, but can they demonstrate years of experience and thousands of successful repairs and replacements like us at General Auto Glass, probably not. Our service technicians have an abundance of experience when prosecuting windshield problems and they are skilled to work across many makes and models of vehicles. We look out for you when you bring your auto glass repair to us at General Auto Glass – we first look to repair the damage before we take action to replace your windshield saving you money in the long run. Chips and cracks don’t stand a chance with our service technicians at General Auto Glass, we have quality materials that produce top quality work and that is our calling card. Adding to that is superior customer service, that combines excellent products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. When the time comes to deal with the insurance company, know we take the responsibility of dealing with them and we will pay your deductible when you need work done on your vehicle.

Work with the pros, auto glass repair by General Auto Glass

We are a wrap-around auto glass repair and replacement company – we take all your glass needs seriously and we have glass for every part of your vehicle. If you need a windshield we have it, a rear window needs replacement, no problem. Your door windows are defective or damaged; we have them too. If your sunroof is where the problem lies, we can handle that easily and when your quarter windows have problems, we have them in stock and our techs can install quickly, getting you back on the road.

We understand that not always can you come to our shop for the repair or windshield replacement you need, so we will come to you when time is of the essence. We provide the fastest mobile glass service for auto glass repair in North York, and that is something you can depend on when you have trouble with your windshield. Our service is comprehensive, we can work on all makes and models of vehicles, domestic or imported, cars or SUVs. We view every job as an opportunity to demonstrate we are the only auto glass repair shop in the Greater Toronto Area that you should deal with. You can’t put a price on safety and when you need the peace of mind that a clear windshield provides, turn to us at General Auto Glass to assure your safety and that of your passengers. In too many cases, bargain-basement windshield repairs and replacements create more problems than they solve, don’t less this happen to you. Bring your auto glass repair in North York to us at General Auto Glass and let the sunshine in your car. For a free quote to get your vehicle back to its pristine glory call us at 905.604.0433 and we will make your appointment right away.


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