Mobile Windshield Chip Repair in North York

Driving in and around the Greater Toronto Area can be hazardous, from the driver paying more attention to their cell phone, to the driver who drives at excessive rates of speed, the problems are many and varied. A stone that hits your car can be a source of mobile windshield chip repair in North York when it impacts your windshield. In light of the fact that you have a chipped windshield, now you have to hunt down somebody to repair your car. Look no further than our company, General Auto Glass, for all the help you need for a mobile windshield chip repair in North York. We have a team of dedicated, reliable technicians, who have extensive experience working on foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. When you reach out to us for a mobile windshield chip repair in North York, we will come to your home or office promptly upon receipt of your SOS. 

Mobile windshield chip repair in North York with General Auto Glass

  • First and foremost, when you work with us at General Auto Glass, you will enjoy two benefits that may not be extended by other auto glass repair companies. First, we work your insurance so you don’t have to, and second, we will pay 100 percent of your deductible for windshield chip repair.
  • Convenience is another benefit you will enjoy from our company. Not always do we have time in our busy lives to schedule a service appointment at a shop. Using our mobile team to make short work of the chip in your windshield means that you can keep up with your busy schedule and not miss a beat. It is certainly something that will help you meet work deadlines or make family events when you have had your windshield repaired while at work.
  • Whatever work we perform to relieve you of the pressure of a chipped windshield is fully guaranteed. One more thing we offer that others don’t, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that accompanies the chip repair we do for your auto. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. That small chip today is crack tomorrow, and to prevent that from happening, we developed our mobile service to help our customers save money on expensive windshield replacements.
  • Our mobile unit is outfitted with all the latest tools to make your repair a quick and efficient one when you need it. A chipped windshield may not be a five-alarm fire emergency, but it is something that needs attention right away. And we treat it as an emergency when you call us for help.

A mobile windshield chip repair in North York, when done by our company, General Auto Glass, will see only certified auto glass technicians that are insured doing the work on your windshield. Our pricing is competitive in the industry and we strive to provide the best-in-class service when making General Auto Glass your choice for a chip repair.

To obtain a free quote that comes with no obligation, call our shop today at General Auto Glass at 905.604.0433 to schedule mobile service.

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